The primary section is divided into the lower basic (primary 1 – 3) and middle basic (Primary 4 – 5) classes. In this section there is the inculcation of permanent literacy and numeracy and the ability to communicate effectively. Also there is character and moral training and the development of sound attitude. Both the lower and middle basic classes offer subjects like mathematics and English Language etc. and other elective subjects.

Subjects offered in this section include:

  • English Language

  • Mathematics

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Quantitative Reasoning

  • Basic Science

  • Computer Science

  • Social Studies

  • Writing

  • Creative  and Cultural Arts

  • Home Economics

  • Vocational Studies

  • Mental Mathematics

  • Agricultural Science

  • Physical and Health Education

  • Christian Religious Studies

  • Civic Education

  • Edo Language

  • French

  • Literature